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“Black holes absolutely require extreme mass density. Black holes are born of general relativity, and general relativity is the theory of gravity.”

“Are you suggesting that we abandon both quantum mechanics and general relativity without having a theory to supplant them? We know that they are very good approximations, so long as you don’t go outside the known domains of validity.”

“The emissions seen in light spectra have nothing to do with the nucleus. The spectrum is from the electrons associated with the atom.”

“The electrons have nothing at all to do with the nucleus of these atoms staying intact”

“People may laugh, people may argue about electromagnetic forces and gravitational forces, maybe his explanations are not right, but close structural similarities between an atom and a solar system, even a galaxy have always puzzled bright minds. In the back of their minds there have been a nagging thought, could the roots of all structures be the same?”

“There are almost no similarities between an atom and the solar system ”

“The fact that Quantum physics seems so out of step with the rest of what we think we know means that somewhere along the line we have missed the point, and I’m pretty sure it’s the atomic model that’s wrong.”

“Big Bang didn’t give us current physics, current physics gave us big bang.”

“the spectra of atoms have been measured extensively (especially that of H and He) and can be completely explained from the equations of quantum mechanics. It would be very difficult to accommodate any new effects that we don’t already know about, since the spectra had been reproduced to many significant digits (up to 12, in the case of hydrogen!).” (12-9-2008)

“you cannot measure the motion of an electron. Its useless to say it exists.” (2001)

“Physics is in the business of “predicting”, not “understanding”. (We had to give up on the latter since the advent of the quantum….) Nevertheless, if you show us a better way to compute *easily* what we obtain only with hard labor we surely will be interested. “(12-11-2008)


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