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12/17/2008 Anonymous 3: I imagine the sun could very well be made of Iron.
5/30/2009 Anonymous 3: I always enjoyed the MECO.
Magnetic Eternally Collapsing Object.
This theory of the MECO is a bright plasmoid.

[6/4/2009]Since September, 2008, I have organized the basis of the Electromass concept. It is only 40 pages with pictures…please send me email addresses and I’ll shoot you a copy. It is 3 megabytes.

My email address is ####

Best regards,

6/4/2009: I’d be interested in reviewing your document.
Thanks! [name removed](earworm)

6/8/2009: As below – so above? Is it really that simple?
– With the traditional “scientific thinking”, using all kinds of non sense hyphotesis and phantasie equations on the Cosmos, one maybe will be far better of assuming that “black holes” is just “a cosmic eye in a macrocosmic hurrycane”, very similar to what we can observe on the Earth weather phenomenons.There is no matter /movement in the middle of the hole/eye, but there is a strong force on the hollow vortex side, either sucking in or pushing out, all depending of which location one is observing the structure.

I really think it´s that easy!

6/11/2009 A team of researchers led by (name removed), studied the slow evolution of a dust cloud into a massive star, and realized that the cloud’s magnetic field controls the star’s development more than any other factor. They say this magnetic energy dominates over the energies at play – e.g. centrifugal force and turbulence – and suggest that the role of the magnetic field in the early stages of star formation could be very similar to both small and massive stars.

6/11/2009 Gosh! Magnetic fields dominate during star formation…in an hourglass shape! Who could have predicted that one coming? Why do I sense a sudden co-opting of plasma cosmology? Soon they’ll be saying “we knew it all along!”

6/12/2009 I don’t know whether to laugh at, or cry for these people…so I’ll do both.

6/16/2009 “Have you had an opportunity to discuss this with wal thornhill?”

6/18/2009 Understand that I skewed from the accepted model quite abruptly and to the horror of my family and the confusion of my friends. It would be a great story, but for now I have accepted insanity, embraced electromass, and will never go back to the accepted model.

EMAIL: 6/20/2009 Dear Justin
I would appreciate if you would kindly email copy of the paper, or at least details where it can be obtained.
Thank you
“name4 removed”

6/22/2009 subject: Electrigrav: I need a very detailed overall picture of the sun and the next four or five planets ( or all of them for that matter) with magnetic lines and magnetotails all in one picture. Has anyone seen such a beast in your travels on the net. It would be heighly appreciated. I might have a barnstormer here, if it has high enough graphics to look upon.

6/24/2009 What caught my eye in the softpedia article was the importance of reliane on a model for further discovery. As important as observations and evidnece are to us all, I observe that the progress of discovery is hindered by the adherence to any particular paradigm, and that with a paradigm shift comes new or unexpected for decades discoveries. I like the [group name removed] for this….

6/24/2009 You know [name removed], what you stated above reminds me of my conversation with [name4] in the below thread. His group is attempting to prove that heat is convected from the solar dynamo to the photosphere by magnetic means. They also attempt to show that the magnetism is exhibited by the sun is created by percolation of magnetic thingy’s up to the photosphere, which in turns drives sunspots (was hard for me to keep reading into that).

6/25/2009 Well the future looks bright indeed! Yes sir.. and that is a great paper as well… I am not sure how anyone can read that and not come away with a much richer, more fulfilling, and far more interesting view of the universe we reside in. It is all right there, in your face, and all you have to do is take a halfway decent look at it and it becomes obvious…

6/24/2009 I have a copy of the [name removed] paper. I’d be happy to send a copy to anyone who asks. IMO, based on the data in the [name removed] paper, no way could graviational collapse create that sort of well defined, hourglass, morphology at this early stage of development, whether it be a galactic, or stellar system.

“You can’t have an Electric Universe without Mass. It’s clearly pointed out on page 19 of my book. Electromass is the solution(earworm).”

6/25/2009 What are you talking about Willis? Wouldn’t it be the other way round?

6/29/2009 Some form on ultra dense compact matter may be the dynamo in forming the stable jets that reform galaxies such as the “cartwheel” and dual and quad jets that we can observe. These stable jets are responsible for the evolution and form of not only their galaxy but distant galaxies.

This paper is quite interesting.

6/29/2009 Quantumnumber: Making contact with someone dead is rather odd. I wonder, how is that possible???
6/29/2009 the method appears to generally be an elaboration of cold reading.

6/30/2009 “This month, we’ve chosen to highlight a paper that is causing a stir in cosmology. Serious doubt is cast upon the validity of the entire body of WMAP analysis.” I was also looking for a coherent explaination of the MRB from an electric universe point of view, but I have only read a few blurbs about the phenomenon but couldn’t finda good enough/reasonable explaination. Any good reads?

6/30/2009 I’m sure one of the guys will come back with a link to some articles, but I do remember that (unnamed) thinks that this cosmic microwave background radiation is nothing more than the emissions of our local plasma sheath surrounding our sun putting out some energy…I think.
Sometimes I read these articles waaay too late at night >.<

6/30/2009 The following study gives evidence of the CMB coming from the Sun’s heliosheath:

6/30/2009 I always imagined it would be difficult to take a microwave picture inside of a microwave oven

6/30/2009 Thank you for the paper, read through it and remember indeed that the heliopause had something to do with. Although this paper only tries to explain a distortion in the CMB, it is still possible that the entirty of the MBR is coming from the heliopause double layer.

7/1/2009 Thanks for backing me up with the links gents  Tip of the hat to (unnamed) for posting the link to that paper! It’s great to see the science behind the EU/PC theories put to test and come up winning like that! So many of the detractors cite our “lack of math” lack of reference to “published, peer-reviewed papers” and etc, so it is really good to see stuff like this turn up. Say, is there a site where EU/PC maintains a compendium of experiements and papers like the one above? I know that Dr. Perratt has several links to published papers, and I think plasma cosmology had some referenc3es…but is there a place where someone has been tucking away all of the stuff from the scientific realm that has direct bearing to validation of the EU/PC perspective? If there isn’t…do you think we could create a forum here for it? 

7/4/2009 Tha’s soooo money. Getting caught in the act. (unnamed) is the man.

7/7/2009 It’s odd- in retrospect, the concept seems so simple… add energy, and matter becomes more massive, rather than ‘mass increasing from velocity’. Why has it taken this long to arrive at such a logical deduction?

It makes so much more sense, really.

There are probably new laws that need to be discovered regarding the relationships, spin of sub-atomic particles and whatnot- but essentially… there it is! in a nutshell.

Occam’s Razor, once again.

7/10/2009 Anonymous 3: Justin, your work has a lot of the details of The [name removed] Model aka [abriviation removed] by [name removed].
However his goes further in its development. MASS is indeed a fundamental dimension. Mass and EM charge are two sides of the same coin.

There is no Strong or Weak force. Yes, thats all correct. The reason for the existance of [number] according to [name removed] is the answer to the universe, the fine structure constant is indeed knowable and explainable. [abreviation] made it so several years ago.

7/12/2009 EMAIL: “I wish to encourage you in your evident pursuit of
understanding. :-)” Wal

7/13/2009 I smell a conspiracy in ancient greek 

7/14/2009 That was one hell of a discussion. Yikes. I took General Relativity in grad school but I don’t recall ever being presented with one like (name removed) in the sense that it was able to model such large scale structures so well.

7/16/2009 “Thank you Justin – received electromass document. It looks great and straightforward discussion style with well explained points. I will enjoy reading this. A very accessible document for the lay-person like me.”

7/17/2009 “our community, if one can call it that, is small with no “indoctrination centers”, aka, graduate schools in astronomy, we come to Plasma Cosmology by many different roads, and once here, we tend to act like a bunch of cats.”

7/17/2009 Almost any astronomer craves to get published, this wears people down,

7/17/2009 I certainly feel worn down by the surplus of chatter and the lack of credit given back to me…I think over the past month that some have just gone away with the new knowledge and completely forgotten who brought it here…

7/17/2009 Anonymous 3: My best advice, do not take it personal, do not care if others do not listen. To those that are called, they will come. Even still the message will not always conveyed, that YOU taught it too them. Its a personal journey, like coming to the EU. I too get excited, no one else, really cares. I have learned to keep it to myself in public.

7/17/2009 “I have learned to keep it to myself in public.” Cruel really !

7/18/2009 PS. Bcc’d widely.

7/20/2009 Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great honor to provide you with mathematical prous and conceptual bias that can beat quantum mechanics, the aether physics model, general relativity, etc. This thread is directed at APM and QM and Plank’s constant and so on. But it should not avoid the obvious question as to General Relativity or Special Relativity.

Equation 1: The line integral of the electromagnetic spectrum received is equal to a geometric combination of mass and charge.
Equation 2: The partial time derivative of the received spectrum is equal to the spatial integral of the sum of the fields with respect to the change in a unit of this time quantity.

This thread is designed to both protect my hypothesis, equally discounting the accepted and fringe models. I hope that this can stretch broadly enough for the responders to both discredit my hypotheses or support their own models against me.

With kindest regards,
Justin Sandburg

7/20/2009 * 1. Are you saying that wavelength or frequency is a product of mass and charge? How do you derive a formula for that?
* 2. What’s the significance of the time derivative of the spectrum? What do you mean by the sum of the fields? – the sum of the forces of the electric and or magnetic fields of EM radiation? – or the sum of what exactly?
* And how does this relate to Electric Universe theory?
* By the way, the concepts of integration and differentiation have some basic flaws, which this website helps clear up:

7/20/2009 I want full response from the … scientists and moderators of this forum. I also want an answer from them about their prior knowledge to describe this thread:

7/20/2009 With all due respect, I want peace and love and lots of hippie stuff but I won’t get it by shouting around on a public forum.

If you seek discourse with … scientists, contact them directly with your papers. This is a public forum where members of the general public can discuss the published theories of …, not a hotline to the boss. The moderators are volunteers. I am a volunteer. Demanding responses from volunteers over issues which they do not control anyhow is not considered good form. As for the thread you’ve linked to, I can’t even begin to understand your gripe.

7/20/2009 What do you think of this critic Has it any foundations?
7/20/2009 I think he’s arrogant, and unscientific, since he calls doubters of the conventional view crackpots.
7/20/2009 Arrogant is a good word
That is being polite

7/20/2009 I can’t download your book. It gets stuck about 3/4ths of the way through.

7/20/2009 I can’t download the book either.

7/20/2009 Anonymous 3: after a quick view of the PDF, I see no proof that Plancks constant does not specifically denote the angular momentum of an electron.
7/21/2009 Anonymous 3: A photon is an electrons angular momentum expanding at the speed of light…compton’s wavelength remains quantized

7/21/2009 No problem [name] et al. I have no gripe really. None of the posters can explain the entire math. None can derive it the way I have with every notation. So you see, that thread had to happen. Word got out and a bunch of people got Nobel Prize happy, but the word got out. There was a beautiful shedding of information. Sorry to those who got caught up in the hype. As always, thanks to the real scientists.

7/21/2009 The fact that plank wasn’t around in 1890 when the paper was cut to, should turn heads without honorable mention. I only say that because I met the author. Real selfish. Upon finishing the ET link…

Literary Review Recent Fantasy

Electric Matter is crap. Forty pages of scheming literary, undeciding garbage—and zero math; thick with alien innuendo. This guy is clearly a schizoaffective lunatic waving these uncertain posits: Neither Angular Momentum nor Energy can be quantized. A photon is a fundamental energy unit.

“Just five minutes, worm your honor”

7/21/2009 “What if the current flow path is as a crumb attracted by 1000 seaguls screaming ‘mine, mine, mine’”? What a mess for that much “mass, motion” to occupy that space emcompassing that little crumb, so as to grasp onto it long enough to actually take a bite!

7/21/2009 Funny, when I see myself swatting a fly or chasing a document down the parking lot, to have it whisked away by the motion of a hand. Easier to step on it, before the gust flips it away.

7/22/2009 “Justin I know these things happen (corruption etc) but I did not expect it to happen so close to home. Contact me when necessary.”

7/22/2009 Methinks 1000 seagulls screaming “Mine, Mine, Mine!” like in Finding Nemo still wouldn’t quite cause ye olde crumb to move an inch without some specific force acting on it…

7/22/2009 His main objection is that he thinks that the Big Bang and the black holes are incompatible with General Relativity according to his understanding of physics summarized in this paper. Using dozens of equations, [name removed] shows that all relativists have fatally erred in their analysis of the “Efcleethean” and “Reimannian” geometries.

That kid is an unadulterated mainstreamist fan boi

7/23/2009 Well, [name removed], you’re almost as hard to follow as Kick.

7/23/2009 If you look through that pseudo-skeptical, passive-agressive blog, my comments regarding the author of it will become a bit more clear. I was talking about the author of the blog, not [name removed]!

7/23/2009 I find it quite amusing, personally.

7/23/2009 Anonymous 3: Thats not the field structure of the magnetic field. That is millions of iron filings which become individual magnets and align in a field. The field structure are dual vortex’s which spin, [name removed] proved that very clearly. That picture is a total fakeout along with the standard reply…..No offense, but I had to say.

7/23/2009 [anonymous 3] You are just incorrigible, aren’t you ?

7/24/2009: I thought this was a two way street, with cars playing nice. To co-exist, co-elaborate. Drive past each other without swerving. Do you really think it just stops? You want to see it stop?

7/24/2009: FS3: The galaxy, called NGC 1097, is located 50 million light-years away.
“The fate of this black hole and others like it is an active area of research,” said George Helou, deputy director of NASA’s Spitzer Science Center at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. “Some theories hold that the black hole might quiet down and eventually enter a more dormant state like our Milky Way black hole.”…
Apart from all those Black ‘oles, “calming down” or develpoing into a “more dormant state”(?huh?) they still seem to play playing peek-a-boo as that Black ‘ole still seems to be “invisible” – although everyone seems to “see” it…

Isn’t imagination of self-fullfilling prophecies a great thing?

. . . . . .

7/25/2009 Black ‘oles quieting down and going dormant, does that mean gravity is a variable after all?
What happened to the good old power suckers that nothing, even light could escape?

dated 3/17/2008, posted 7/24/2009:

By the way; the new graphics dress of the forum is very pleasant

Of course finding event horizons and blackholes in a fiber optic cable is weird, but there are are interesting things in this research.
They first transmitted an ultrashort, intense laser pulse down the optical fiber. The optical fiber is susceptible to nonlinear effects, such that when an intense pulse of light hits the fiber, it changes the physical properties of the fiber. In this case, the first pulse created a distortion that amounted to a change in the fiber’s index of refraction, which moves along with the pulse. The pulse itself was slowed by the distortion. Leonhardt and colleagues then sent a “faster” stream of infrared laser light in pursuit of the first pulse. When the faster-moving second pulse encountered the distortion, it got trapped at its edge and couldn’t break past it. This edge became the fiber’s “event horizon.”

It seems nature doesn’t mind at all, however, things occasionally go wrong. The other virtual particle is forced to live longer than the uncertainty principle allows, in effect becoming a real particle. Were I an accountant I would call this a cosmological ‘loop hole’. It is instead filled with “virtual particles” which annihilate each other, unless of course, they manage to escape the initially inescapable “event horizon.”

Come to think of it… Wouldn’t such a bizarre aberration as virtual particles becoming “real” particles, with one swallowed by the black hole and the other flying off what if two particles were to appear and one goes in and the other ‘wanders off’?” But then one would have to realize that second particle that goes “wandering off” seems like it really should NOT go “a-wandering.” Remember, it’s teetering on the brink of the event horizon of a black hole! it’s still going to feel the effects of the gravity well where it materialized like a few microns from the point-of-no-return… It just seems like it shouldn’t just go skipping off on its merry way… Am I the only one who has wondered about this?

but also contradicting the supposed notion that ‘nothing can escape’.

The one inside screams ‘Oooh, it hurts … it hurts’ and falls into the black hole. The other skips off on its merry way, ignoring the gravity well behind it … (Please ignore the violation of prior theories stating nothing escapes a black hole and being that close to the event horizon means certain doom from tidal forces) …”

One might also be inclined to point out that the structures talked about with reference to black holes and their axial jets (which seems a bit ironic, since they’re supposed to be the great “eaters of all”) seem to be becoming quite similar to descriptions / schematics of “plasma focus fusion.”
Sorry for the length. Just trying to quickly summarize some of the info from ye olde loste “Black Hole vs. the Birth of a Plasma Galaxy” thread. Unfortunately, Google’s cache was lacking on that one, insofar as I could tell. Thankfully, I vaguely recall the thread…

7/25/2009: “I recall the thread. It was on 11JUNE2009”(earworm) The original thread reappeared.

7/25/2009: “He is NOT blueberries!”

7/25/2009: Hi Justin, I think we are driving past each other and you swerved!;) But please, dont stop.

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